There’s an old saying in politics: “No Democrat ever lost an honest election.” That’s because, even though they insist there’s no such thing as voter fraud, every time they lose, they whine that the election was rigged against them (see: “Hillary/Russian conspiracy,” “Gore/Supreme Court,” etc.) Well, now it seems that attitude has been extended to the movie box office. Al Gore’s latest climate change propaganda film, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” opened over the weekend in a dismal 15th place at the box office, and (shades of 2000!) his followers are already screaming that they wuz robbed.

This time, they’re blaming it on the distributor, Paramount, for allegedly sabotaging the movie’s debut by not giving it a big enough publicity push. Because if you’d only known you could have spent part of your summer weekend plunking down 11 bucks to spend two hours listening to Al Gore jet around the world haranguing other people to reduce their carbon footprints, you naturally would have jumped at the chance. They were doubly disappointed because Gore had urged people to pack theaters to “send a message to Trump.” And just coincidentally, to help Al Gore get even richer off of climate change by convincing people that buying a ticket to his movie will somehow alter the weather.

I wonder how many people who did see it only went into the theater because it was air conditioned?