If you keep up with politics, you’ve probably heard the story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions offering to resign if President Trump is upset with him over the DOJ's legal defense of his temporary ban on immigration from six terrorism-plagued nations (I know that description’s not as pithy as saying “Muslim ban,” but it has the slight advantage of being accurate.) So why didn’t I comment on it sooner?

Well, let’s see: Comes from an unnamed source. It could only be known for sure by Sessions and Trump themselves, neither of whom would leak it to ABC. And the major corroborating evidence for the unsourced story is that when pressed by reporters on whether Trump has full confidence in Sessions, spokesman Sean Spicer wouldn’t comment. Pressed harder, he said he hadn’t spoken to Trump about it, and he tends not to comment on things when he hasn’t talked to the source. I guess that means he can give up any hopes of ever becoming a political journalist after he leaves the White House.