A message from Mike Huckabee:  This is a second guest blog post from Matt Wilson.  Matt is a brilliant attorney who once worked for me. I encourage you to read this post and if you haven't yet, his powerful blog about the Comey Memo here.

Sixty odd years ago, Sen. Joseph McCarthy spoke about a list of communist spies in the government. He never showed anyone that list. Reporters simply were supposed to take him at his word that the list existed and was accurate.

At least McCarthy was not an anonymous source talking to the New York Times about a secret memo that has never been published. At least our parents and grandparents could judge the veracity of McCarthy's claims by examining his personal character and reputation.

The same cannot be said of the cowardly, anonymous sources who have maligned the President of the United States by insinuating that he has committed obstruction of justice.

Folks, if you are going to resort to McCarthy like tactics, at least be like Joe and show your face.