After Donald Trump’s all-out evisceration of Hillary Clinton’s record, Hillary gave a speech on the economy. She tried to paint Trump as reckless, uninformed and dangerous. Problem is that, agree with his proposals or not, Trump has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune in the private sector economy, while Hillary has never held a job outside of politics, law and academia. She has amassed a huge personal fortune out of speaking fees and donations from Wall Street banks and foreign governments with interests before the government she represents; but that doesn’t require a knowledge of business, just “business as usual.”

Some of her comments were, frankly, incoherent. For instance, she recognizes no difference whatsoever between the effects of legal and illegal immigration on jobs and wages. It's all just "immigration" to her. She thinks that forcing employers to pay a much higher minimum wage and provide more lavish benefits such as extended family leave will somehow boost the economy instead of killing jobs (but then, she did once tell us that she can’t be held responsible for every undercapitalized small business in America). In the midst of a $20 trillion national debt and warnings about the longterm solvency of Medicare and Social Security, she proposes massive new giveaways such as free college tuition, paid for by raising the capital gains tax (a tax on investment that kills job creation) to its highest level in US history.

Hillary likes to point to the booming ‘90s economy under her husband as an example of what she would bring back. But she fails to mention that he was largely forced to accept pro-business measures by then-Speaker Newt Gingrich and the GOP Congress; and that her own far-left ideas are totally at odds with her husband’s centrist policies.

But the core problem with Hillary’s economic speech could be pinpointed in just one sentence: her claim that Trump’s economic approach would hurt workers still trying to recover from the 2008 recession. Here’s the $64,000 Question, for any American who still has $64,000 after two terms of Obama: “And why are so many workers still struggling to recover from a recession that happened eight long years ago?” She’s promising a continuation and expansion of policies that led to a record-setting economic quagmire, with historic numbers of Americans out of the workforce and continuous years of GDP growth below 3% (the previous record of just four years was set during the Great Depression).

It’s one thing to call your opponent stupid. But don’t ask the rest of us to wager along with you when you’re doubling-down on stupid.