Chelsea Clinton is being sued for $150,000 for allegedly plagiarizing her latest children’s book, “She Persisted.” It’s a feminist-oriented book about women in history who overcame sexist oppression, and ironically, she’s accused of ripping it off from a male author, Albany-based Christopher Janes Kimberley. Kimberley claims he put months of painstaking research into a book he pitched to Penguin Publishing, and was shocked when just a few months later, they brought out Clinton’s book, which uses the same idea and some of the exact same quotes, except it reads like a ninth-grade homework assignment thrown together in...uh...a few months.

To be fair, plagiarism is tough to prove. Authors sometimes legitimately come up with the same idea. He’ll have to convince a jury that Chelsea Clinton unfairly benefited by having something lucrative handed to her on a silver platter by a large organization just because her last name was Clinton.

On second thought, Penguin might want to consider settling