If you enjoy torturing your brain by surfing the comments sections at liberal news sites, you know that Hillary Clinton supporters have completely bought into the campaign's narrative that the FBI investigation absolved her of any wrongdoing at all. Why, she’s just being unjustly maligned by the vast right-wing conspiracy for about the 500th time in her life.

The hard, ugly truth: FBI Director James Comey was virtually the only person in the entire FBI who thought that Hillary shouldn’t have been indicted. Both the New York Post and Fox News spoke to FBI agents, current and former, both on and off the record. Here’s what they think:

Comey “hijacked” the DOJ’s role when he said no reasonable prosecutor would take that case. In fact, investigators never take it upon themselves to decide what a prosecutor would do. Additionally, one agent said he knew “zero prosecutors” in the DOJ’s National Security Division who wouldn’t have taken that case and brought charges against Hillary and/or her staff. A vast majority of FBI and DOJ staffers thought that Hillary should be indicted, and there was a “unanimous feeling” that she should lose her security clearance. Career staffers believe that letting her skate was a politically-motivated, top-down decision that Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch went along with so they could both keep their jobs in a Clinton Administration. There’s much more; click the link to read what Hillary's media cheerleading squad won’t tell you.

Career agents fear that Comey has permanently damaged the FBI’s reputation as an independent investigator of public officials. But at least it will be good practice if Hillary actually gets elected. I have a feeling that the FBI, the DOJ and a lot of other supposedly impartial agencies will be called on to sully their reputations for political purposes and become "unindicted co-conspirators" many times over. If they refuse to stand up against obvious lies, malfeasance and corruption, then they'd better brace themselves for a lot more of it.

The same warning goes for the voters.