Comedian Amy Schumer (Chuck’s cousin) has jumped into the anti-gun crusade with a one-sided and obvious sketch on her TV show. Naturally, liberal critics are acclaiming it brilliant, hilarious and devastating to the pro-gun rights movement. One problem: the entire premise of the sketch is factually incorrect. Schumer plays a home shopping channel host selling guns to anyone who wants one. She tells callers, “You can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies, as long as you buy it on the Internet or at a gun show.”

Nope. You might be able to bypass a background check if you buy a gun from a private individual you happen to meet at a gun show or on the Internet or even in a back alley. There’s a big push to make those transactions require background checks, too, but it would likely not make a dent in crime because most criminals obtain their guns illegally. People who illegally supply guns to criminals probably wouldn’t be too conscientious about complying with background check laws. But all licensed firearms dealers are required by federal law to have a dealers’ license and to run background checks on all potential buyers. That includes dealers at gun shows or on the Internet (or even on a Gun Home Shopping Channel, if such a thing existed.)

It’s ironic that just this week, Ms Schumer was involved in a confrontation with an aggressive male fan, and he’s claiming that he’s getting death threats from her other fans after she posted his photo on her social media accounts. Now there’s a premise for a cutting-edge comedy sketch: an anti-violence crusading celebrity who is opposed to guns complains about feeling defenseless in a confrontation with a large man, then her fans threaten to kill the guy who scared her. You couldn’t cut through all the layers of irony and hypocrisy with a chain saw.

Amy Schumer can be very funny. It’s too bad that she’s letting her political activism make her forget the most basic definition of comedy: it’s telling the truth in a humorous way. If the underlying premise isn’t true, it’s just propaganda; and if we want to laugh at leftist propaganda, that’s what MSNBC is for.

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