A disturbing new survey found that 61% of Christians worldwide hold at least some “new spirituality” beliefs that are not Biblically-based but come from new age beliefs, secularism and even Marxism. For instance, 23% of those who claim to be Christians agree with the statement that “what is morally right or wrong depends on what the individual believes.” Uh...no. Eleven percent agree with the Marxist theory that private property encourages greed and envy, and nearly a third seem to believe in some form of karma, which is not in the Scriptures in any form. And would you be surprised to learn that younger Christians were eight times more likely than their elders to embrace non-Christian beliefs, it being unclear whether they even realize that they’re not Biblical.

Gee, I wonder how that could have happened, considering that modern schools, in the name of “diversity,” welcome virtually any belief or lifestyle except Christianity and don’t believe in banning any books, except the Bible.