Democrats who keep pushing for investigations, and who greeted James Comey’s testimony with pennants and popcorn, may be sorry they got what they wished for. Comey’s revelation that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered in the Hillary Clinton email investigation…oops, sorry: “matter”… sent President Trump straight to Twitter. He tweeted that Lynch made law enforcement decisions for political purposes and gave Hillary Clinton a free pass, adding, “Totally illegal!”

Of course, that remains to be seen; this is still just Comey’s version of events. But it suggests that while Trump backtracked on his “Lock Her Up” campaign rhetoric and his promise to investigate and prosecute Hillary, in an attempt to be conciliatory and bring the country together, the Democrats’ never-ending attempts to drive him out of office with baseless legal charges, investigations and lawsuits may have exhausted his patience. Their obnoxiousness may have forced him to rethink his decision to be Mr. Nice Guy. And you don’t want to be on Donald Trump’s bad side when he stops playing nice. If he decides to fight fire with fire, it's Hillary who might end up feeling the burn.