While Senate Democrats and the media were performing their own anti-Trump Shakespearean production yesterday (“Much Ado About Nothing”), the House made some real news by passing long-overdue reform of the Veterans Administration. The new bill would help protect whistleblowers and make it easier to fire VA employees found guilty of wrongdoing. It’s a desperately-needed response to one of the worse scandals in history, in which VA employees have been exposed for unconscionable wrongdoing, even allowing veterans to die on medical care waiting lists and falsifying records to cover it up, yet in some cases were not fired and even retained their bonuses. The bill was already approved by the Senate, so now, all that remains is for President Trump to sign it.

One sidenote worth mentioning: only 55 Representatives voted against the VA reform bill, 54 of them Democrats. I assume they’ll be home at some point to run for reelection. Be sure to ask them to explain that vote.