One of my spiritual mentors and a true giant of the Christian faith, Dr. Tim LaHaye, has passed away at the age of 90. He suffered a stroke just a few days ago and died today. What a life! What a legacy! And what a living example of faithfulness to the end!

Dr. Tim and his dear wife, Dr. Beverly LaHaye, to whom he has been married since 1947, have been the ultimate “power couple” in Christian circles for decades. He is one of the most prolific authors in Christendom, and his books truly helped change the lives of millions. And Bev launched Christian Women of America and grew it into the largest grass-roots activist organization in the nation.

I first personally met the LaHayes back in the late 70’s, but got to know them well in the early 80’s. I kept a stack of books by the LaHayes in my office during my days as a pastor 30 plus years ago, and would often give them to people going through various challenges and make the reading of their books a part of the therapy for spiritual and emotional healing. His "Left Behind” series that he co-authored with Jerry Jenkins, launched a stunning bestselling franchise that touched untold millions with the urgency of Biblical prophecy.

When I started my political pursuits, the LaHayes were among my earliest supporters and encouragers. They remained faithful through the 2016 Presidential race. Loyal friends. Not the kind who see if there is someone getting more attention and who might bring more attention to them—just faithful friends until the end.

There will never be another like Dr. LaHaye. He had a gentle manner about him, but was a dynamic teacher and speaker. He was one of the most intellectually curious people I have known, and he never stopped learning, growing, and advancing. The influence he has had on me personally and professionally is simplly profound and permanent.

I’m deeply saddened by the news of his death, but I’m filled with the joy of knowing that he is with the Lord and experiencing the reality of all that he has helped others to believe and know.

Thank you, Dr. LaHaye—I won’t tell you goodbye. Just goodnight—we’ll see you in the morning!

Tim LaHaye, “Well done, good and faithful servant."
April 27, 1926-July 25, 2016.

In a strange way, Ted Cruz may have done a great deal to unite the Republican Party in his speech at the GOP Convention Wednesday night. By failing to endorse Donald Trump in a speech so shamefully inappropriate that he was booed off the stage, he showed even his supporters that they have dodged a bullet by not nominating him.

He has doubled down on his shameful performance this morning (and was booed again), insisting that this is “not about me” but pulling out all the stops to make it all about him. In his insistence on lecturing delegates, Obama-style, he has given us all a glimpse into Cruz World, and it is not a place we want to be. And Hillary Clinton has no doubt sent him a thank-you email with little smiley-face emojis all over it.

Members of the Texas delegation are so disgusted with him that some have said he couldn’t win re-election in his home state right now. One, Dianne Caron from Tyler, even referenced me: “I think Mike Huckabee made a good point before the convention --- no endorsement, no mic.” Words used to describe Cruz included “spoiled brat,” “self-serving,” “a poor reflection on Texas” and (in an understatement) “not Reaganesque.”

For more of what the Texas delegates had to say, click here.

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There was so much Internet sound and fury over the planned, massive anti-Trump protests at the GOP Convention that Cleveland provided enough barricades and police to hold off an assault by the US Marines. But in reality, the protests have mostly been an unattended fizzle.

Not surprisingly, most Americans who have jobs found better things to do with their time than go to Cleveland in July to make fools of themselves in public. Organizers are baffled by why nobody showed up to join them in denouncing Trump, America and cops and chanting for “revolutionary communism.” Those who did show up have mostly provided moments of unintentional humor, like the man who was interviewed by PJ Media, ranting that Trump was a dictator who would turn America into a “banana republic,” blissfully unaware of the irony of saying that while wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt.

Then there was the downright sad moment, when, on the very night that bereaved parents spoke of their children murdered by illegal alien felons that the Obama Administration refused to deport, the C-SPAN camera cut to a pathetic-looking Code Pink protester, sitting all alone in the nosebleed seats with a banner reading, “Welcome, Refugees.”

It’s probably too much to hope that the low protester turnout will serve as a lesson to the media to stop confusing Twitter mobs and Facebook rants with actual groundswells of public support. The tail does not wag the dog, and the loudest voices don’t necessarily represent the most people. Remember, the Internet is a tool for magnifying malcontents. It’s like sending a cricket chirp through Metallica’s P.A. system. It might make a terrifyingly loud noise, but it’s still just a cricket.


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A Fantasy Washington...

July 18, 2016

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As ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks continue to escalate, it’s getting harder and harder for hapless“progressives” to keep blaming them on Republicans, Christians, the NRA and trucks. So they’ve resorted to their last mental trick for denying reality: banning the words that accurately describe it. The left and their media sycophants no longer have to deal with terrorist attacks because they’ve declared the word “terrorist” to be biased and banned it. It will now be referenced in hushed tones only as “the T-word,” for purposes of labeling anyone who actually utters it a bigot who is biased against…what, terrorists?

I have an idea for a project that would be perfect for a developer like Donald Trump: he could cut a deal with the Disney Corporation to build a fantasy replica of Washington, DC. It would look like the real Washington, except with a virtual reality Congress, White House and Supreme Court that were all safety-tested so that no matter how immature the participants were, they couldn’t harm themselves or others. Instead of letting them use US dollars, they could be given billions of Disney dollars, which they couldn’t destroy the value of. And instead of having to deal with the bloody reality of radical Islamic terrorism, they could just join hands, sing “It’s A Small World” over and over and over, and declare the "Problem-That-Must-Not-Be-Named" solved.

That way, when leftists ask voters to “send us to Washington,” we can just send them there, where they can be happy reveling in a fantasy of power while we restock the real Washington with serious, clear-eyed representatives of the people who don't want to lived in Fantasyland, aren't afraid to use accurate words, and are ready to start repairing the damage that Washington's eight-year vacation from reality has inflicted onto America and the world.

A Fantasy Washington where we can send all the “progressives”…at last, a “shovel-ready project” worth the expense!


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