A lot of people found a photo of Ivanka Trump sitting at the Presidential desk, flanked by her dad and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to be warm and inspiring. Aside from illustrating the pride and trust Donald Trump has in his daughter, it also shows that women have “a place at the table” in his Administration, and offers an aspirational image of a poised and accomplished woman in the Oval Office. So naturally, it infuriated liberals. Click the link to see the photo and read some of the range of reactions to it. One category of negative reaction was especially amusing. These were the leftists who railed that it’s “disgusting” that Ivanka would be allowed to sit in the President’s chair, with one woman sneering, “Nepotism, anyone?”

So to be clear: Hillary Clinton supporters are “disgusted” someone with no official elected title sat in the Oval Office and might be considered a potential first woman President, just because she happens to be related to a man who was President? Some people really need to think a bit harder before they tweet.


This story offers a good example of why so many Americans are fed up to the gills with modern day politics. It started with leftist attacks on businesses that carry Ivanka Trump’s merchandise. That inspired White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to stick up for her by responding to a TV interviewer with, “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff, is what I would tell you. I’m going to give it a free commercial here. Go buy it today.” She was called on the carpet by the White House for that inappropriate remark, but that wasn’t good enough. The Office of Government Ethics is now calling for an investigation of Conway for allegedly violating the Standards of Conduct Act, followed by disciplinary action. With a little effort, we can turn it into a long, drawn-out sinkhole of time and tax money. Say, maybe we could even appoint an independent counsel who could destroy several people’s reputations and careers before his ever-expanding investigation inevitably destroys his own career.

My question: Does this seriously require an investigation? Does any sentient being not know what happened? Conway was incensed by what she quite understandably saw as unfair political attacks and cowardice on the part of retailers. She’s not a professional politician and is used to speaking her mind, so she did, unaware that in Washington, saying what you’re actually thinking may be illegal. She obviously shouldn’t have said that, and she’s been reprimanded and knows better than to do it again. This is one of the drawbacks to sending people to Washington who haven’t spent their entire lives steeped in political minutiae, but voters thought the advantages vastly outweighed the drawbacks. Still, any hint of political advantage is like blood in a shark tank in DC these days, so we’ll probably be subjected to a never-ending investigation of something about which anyone with a handful of functioning brain cells already knows everything there is to know.

I’m not part of the current government, so I am allowed to make the following free commercial announcement on behalf of common sense: if the ethics office thinks she unknowingly said something actionable on live television, then spare us the kabuki theater of an investigation, slap her with a modest fine, tell her not to do it again, and let’s get on with making America great again. Or has the government already solved the easy stuff like job creation and national security, so it has plenty of time to waste on nonsense like this?


Haters Gotta Hate

February 8, 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren got the kibosh put on her ranting diatribe against Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions, after it turned into a personal attack on him as a racist and a “disgrace.” She was found in violation of a Senate rule barring Senators from accusing colleagues of conduct or motives unbecoming of a Senator. Warren protested, claiming she was only reading from a letter by Coretta Scott King (that was from 30 years ago, and Mrs. King was not the most reliable predictor of people’s racist motives, as the link shows).

This is hardly the first time Warren has tried to wrap herself in the protective cloak of a racial minority. Also, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who launched the procedure to oust Warren from the podium, noted, she was given a warning and an explanation, but she persisted in her slanderous diatribe.

Well, maybe she just couldn’t help herself. Haters gotta hate. READ MORE.

Slip Of The Tongue

February 8, 2017

Two prominent House Democrats just made the type of slips-of-the-tongue/brain glitches that would be trumpeted by the left as evidence of disqualifying mental instability if they’d been made by Republicans. Maxine Waters berated President Trump for embracing Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Korea (?), while Nancy Pelosi declared that, try as she might for two whole weeks, she’s been able to find absolutely nothing on which she can cooperate with President Bush. I’ll cut Rep. Pelosi a little slack: when you’ve been there as long as she has, and you demonize every Republican in the exact same way, I’m sure the names start to get a little fuzzy after a while.

Personally, I'd suggest that they both take a nice, long vacation on the island of Guam, if I weren’t afraid that it might tip over if we send too many Americans there (that’s another handy “alternative fact” I learned by listening to a prominent House Democrat).