A Four Legged Hero

May 9, 2016

I love a good dog story, and this is a great one. This particular four-legged Huck’s Hero didn’t perform any dramatic feat. But she’s a quiet hero every day to a young boy from Louisiana, and his school found a unique way to commemorate her service.

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"To Stop Clinton"

May 6, 2016

Trump has won passionate supporters and vitriolic detractors for his blunt talk and hardline proposals, including his call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, his vow to force Mexico to pay for a border wall, and his promise to renegotiate international trade deals.


May 6, 2016

An Israeli man petitioned a court in Haifa to put out a restraining order against God. He claims that over the past three years, God has been particularly unkind to him, and he wants the Almighty to leave him alone. The judge rejected his request, calling it ludicrous.

My prayers and condolences today for the family of former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, who passed away Wednesday at 82 from complications of pancreatic cancer and a stroke. Praise is flooding in from virtually every political figure who ever worked with Bennett. He’s being remembered as wise, kind, a fighter for his constituents and small businesses, a pro-life and pro-family conservative and a true gentlemen, even to his opponents. His votes for the bank bailout and immigration reform made him one of the first Senators to fall to a Tea Party challenger, but even the man who replaced him, Sen. Mike Lee, expressed his condolences and respect for Bennett for his courage in fighting cancer and for spending his life “in service to others.”

In an age when politics has become blood sport and debate has degenerated into character assassination, let’s hope more politicians will be inspired by Bob Bennett’s example. He showed us that it is possible to be an effective politician and still be a fine and decent human being.

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