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- Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner detained in London Heathrow Airport transit lounge under "schedule 7" terrorism law and sets off global backlash,  White House knew in advance of interrogation and confiscation of personal equipment

- White House backs warrantless cell phone searches

- Economic news:  jobs down in 27 states; 21 see slight increase from previous quarter

- ObamaCare: Forever 21 cuts hours to under 30 for employees to avoid Obamacare, NJ residents lose low cost insurance

- Judge in OK blocks state law to restrict morning after pill; Mark Ruffalo speaks in MS and says women who abort babies should be "trusted with their choices and trusted with their children"

- Judge in the Ft. Hood shooting trial refuses to allow motives of Hasan in trial as evidenc

- Egypt: will US cut off all aid?  Americans hope so by a big majority, but do they really understand the situation?


Economic News and ObamaCare

Douglas E. Schoen, regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and various other newspapers and online publications, as well as a contributor to Fox news, has been one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for over thirty years. His political clients have included such luminaries as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Evan Bayh, and Michael Bloomberg. Internationally he has worked for the heads of states of 15 countries, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and three Israeli Prime Ministers.  His latest book “The End of Authority: How a Loss of Legitimacy and Broken Trust are Endangering Our Future” is due out in October.

REP. STEVE KING (IA) - SteveKing.House.Gov

King was elected to Congress in 2002 to represent Iowa's new fifth congressional district. He brings the concerns and ideas from people of the fifth district with him to work on the Agriculture Committee. He is also a member of the House Judiciary Committee, where he sits on the Constitution Subcommittee and the Immigration Subcommittee. He believes the Constitution means what it says and that it should be read in light of the intent of our founding fathers. King is never caught without a copy of the Constitution in his coat pocket.

MAJED EL SHAFIE - OneFreeWorldInternational.org or FreedomFighterDVD.com




Majed El Shafie has successfuly rescued victims of religious persecution in Afghanistan. He was born in Egypt to a prominent Muslim family of judges and lawyers. After his conversion to Christianity, he experienced torture and a death sentence, prompting him to establish One Free World International, a human rights organization committed to religious freedom. Reverend El Shafie lives in Canada and continually pressures governments and challenges spiritual leaders on behalf of persecuted people worldwide. His story is detailed in the book and documentary movie "Freedom Fighter:One Man's Fight for One Free World"

STEPHEN MANSFIELD - KillingJesus.com

“Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World’s Most Notorious Execution” is out now



Stephen Mansfield is a respected writer, speaker, and commentator at the intersection of religion, politics and culture. The author of bestsellers like The Faith of Barack Obama, The Faith of George W. Bush, The Search for God and Guinness and Lincoln’s Battle with God, he regularly contributes to HuffingtonPost.com, WashingtonPost.com and other news sites.