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Day three of the Government Shutdown


Government Shutdown


Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene is an evangelist for disenfranchised and vulnerable communities. Her commentary has been featured on The Daily Show, all major news networks, and in The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone and Essence Magazine. Together with Jose Antonio Vargas, Alicia Menendez, and Jake Brewer, Jehmu co-founded Define American to elevate the immigration conversation. She is a former President of the Women’s Media Center and served as an advisor and national surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She prays every night Secretary Clinton will run again. Jehmu also previously served as President of Rock the Vote. Under her leadership, young voter turnout increased by 11%, the largest increase ever recorded. She consults campaigns, non-profits, and corporations on media strategy, but on many days would rather be singing country music from a stage in Nashville…a dream deferred.

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During her senior year of high school Vicki sent Carol Burnett a letter which included a local newspaper article mentioning their resemblance. Vicki invited Ms. Burnett to the local fire department’s "Miss Fireball Contest" in which she was performing. Ms. Burnett, looking for an actress to play her kid sister on her new variety series, contacted Vicki and made arrangements to come to the event. The rest is television history. "The Carol Burnett Show" premiered in the fall of 1967; the same year Vicki entered UCLA to study Theater Arts. She spent eleven years with Carol, earning one Emmy Award and five Emmy nominations. In 1995 Simon and Schuster published her story. Her autobiography is entitled "Vicki!: The True Life Adventures of Miss Fireball".  After the Burnett show ended, Vicki went on to star in her own TV series, "Mama’s Family" with Ken Berry, Dorothy Lyman, Beverly Archer, and Allan Kayser. The last original episode was made in January of 1990, completing five years of first-run syndication. The show still can be seen daily throughout most of the country.  Most recently on TV, Vicki played Miley Cyrus' grandma on Hannah Montana.  The roll of "Mamaw" recurred numerous times during the series four-year run starting in 2006.  Currently Vicki has spends much of her time on the road with her stage production "Vicki Lawrence and Mama, A Two Woman Show." 
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Christian Whiton is a former diplomat and presidential campaign advisor. He is a prolific commentator on national security issues. From 2003 to 2009, he was a senior advisor and deputy special envoy in the State Department. He is currently a principal at DC International Advisory, a political risk consulting firm. Whiton holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He frequently appears on the Fox News Channel, CNBC, and other networks. He has published articles in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time, Daily Caller, Huffington Post, and numerous other publications around the world. Whiton lives with his partner, Marco McClees, in Los Angeles.