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Ebola Update

Oct 20 2014

Meanwhile, President Obama still clings to the idea of an America without borders. In his Saturday radio address, he resisted the overwhelming public demand to bar travelers from entering the US from the West African Ebola hot zones.

Ebola Czar?

Oct 16 2014

While John McCain is calling for Obama to appoint an Ebola czar, writer Mollie Hemingway at points out: we already have one. About 10 years ago, HHS created a new office to prepare for threats like Ebola. Ms Hemingway says we’ve never even heard from the woman who holds that office. And she does still hold it, even though three years ago, she was embroiled in a scandal over moving funding to a company tied to a Democratic donor, and away from a company that was developing a treatment now used on Ebola patients. So maybe we need someone to keep an eye on all our government czars. Anyone want the job of Czar Czar?

Ms Hemingway also notes, for those who claim the government couldn’t plan for Ebola because of budget cuts: a 2012 report on federal spending found that the National Institutes of Health spent over $509,000 to study how to send text messages to meth-heads in “gay lingo,” over $55,000 to study hookah smoking in Jordan, over $175,000 to study the effects of cocaine on the sex drive of Japanese quail, and nearly $600,000 to study why chimpanzees throw things. Offhand, I’d guess that the chimpanzees must be taxpayers.