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News Headlines

By the door to Oval Office,
There to see Barack Obama,
There to hand in resignation
On this fine September morning,
Eric Holder stood and waited.

Soon would come the fall election,
And Obama’s lame-duck session.
Soon would come another Senate,
Maybe not as Democratic.
Time to hand in resignation
For Department Of Injustice.
Time for making fresh appointment,
Someone else to answer questions
In the confirmation hearings
On his underlying agenda,
Acting as Obama’s henchman
With Obama on the golf course;
On the stalled investigations
Of so many, many scandals:
Like our firearms at the border
Killing that brave border agent;
Like the crafty Lois Lerner
When she took the Fifth Amendment
(That convenient loss of emails—
Will they ever be recovered?);
Like abuse of news reporters
Simply out to tell their stories,
Getting all up in their business,
Reading mail and tapping cellphones;
Like ignoring House committees,
Those requests from Darrell Issa.
(Many moons go by, and nothing;
Documents with much redaction.)

Many other things to question:
Shredding of the Constitution;
Inconsistent law enforcement;
Race assuming central focus;
Not pursuing New Black Panthers;
Arrows pointed right at Wall Street;
Terrorists provided lawyers;
Terrorists released from prison;
Streams of Guatemalan children
Coming right across the border,
Braving deep and rushing water
To be Democratic voters.

From the brow of Eric Holder
Gone was ev’ry trace of sorrow.
With a smile of joy and triumph,
With a look of exultation
As of one whose ev’ry action
Did the bidding of Obama
Stood and waited Eric Holder.

This week, President Obama issued a series of executive orders designed to curtail tax inversions. That’s when a US corporation merges with a foreign corporation and moves abroad to take advantage of lower taxes. It’s good election year politics: most Americans don’t like big corporations leaving America to dodge taxes. But it’s bad economic policy. This may be the first Administration to welcome anyone across the border into America, but block people from leaving. Even former President Bill Clinton admitted that, like it or not, it’s the companies’ money. The fact is, most companies don’t want to leave America. But they’re being driven out by the world’s highest corporate tax rate and what Clinton called a “crazy” tax structure that punishes them if they bring foreign profits back here to create jobs. If you want to stop business from fleeing America, the solution is easy. Don’t make it harder to leave. Make it easier to stay.
Here’s something you don’t hear every day: Civil rights leaders in Los Angeles are demanding an apology, not from the LAPD, but to the LAPD. Recently, actress Danielle Watts, who appeared in the movie “D’jango Unchained,” claimed that some L.A. cops accused her of being a prostitute, just because she was kissing her white boyfriend in public. Civil rights groups called it blatant racial profiling and rallied behind her. But then, witnesses and a police recording showed that in fact, people had complained that Watts and her boyfriend were committing lewd and semi-nude acts in their car, in full view of a nearby office building. The tape showed L.A. cops were calm and professional, while Watts was unruly and aggressive. Now, civil rights leaders who backed her are demanding she apologize to the police. One called it a teachable moment. He said people shouldn’t cry wolf about racial profiling: it’s a serious charge, and you lose credibility when you rush to judgment before knowing the facts. Let’s hope Eric Holder’s Justice Department agents who are investigating the Ferguson, Missouri, police also take that lesson to heart.

Christian Rapper #1?

Sep 23 2014

If you had to name Billboard’s #1 album this week, you might guess Beyonce or Maroon 5. But you’d be wrong. It’s the new album “Anomaly” by the Christian rapper, Lecrae. “Anomaly” just made history by becoming the first album to simultaneously reach #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, its Gospel chart and its Christian chart. But if you think that’s giving the artist a swelled head, guess again. Lecrae said his focus isn’t on selling CDs, it’s on helping people by delivering messages of hope and inspiration through music. Well, my hope is that Lecrae’s staggering sales will send a message to the music industry: Music doesn’t have to be smut to sell.

ISIS may be cutting off people’s heads, but don’t worry: President Obama has our backs… In his speech on the threat of ISIS last week, the President said his highest priority is the security of the American people.  If that’s true, why are we not protecting our borders?  If a serial killer is targeting my neighborhood, I double-check to lock my doors.  This President puts milk and cookies on the doorstep and orders border agents to disregard their duty.  His border policy is borrowed from the late Minnie Pearl, “Y’all Come!”  Polls show many Americans believe we are less secure than we were 13 years ago, before 9/11.  Yet Obama insists that “America is safer.”  Maybe he believes the fog from his State Department has choked all the bad guys near and far.  I wish I could feel so buoyant about our security.  Maybe future White House speeches should be accompanied by Ethel Merman singing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”  Then it might be easier to ignore all the ISIS victims who are pushing up daisies. 

Last week, Obama demonstrated that he’s not only a great golfer, military savant, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, but also a learned theologian.  He said that ISIS – or “ISIL,” as he prefers – is not “Islamic.”  They are just terrorists with no vision other than slaughtering all who stand in their way.  That might come as news to ISIS, since their stated vision is to create an Islamic caliphate and slaughter anyone who doesn’t convert to their form of radical Islam.  The President reassures us that despite the devotion of these jihadist fanatics to killing us in the name of their religion, and beheading innocent civilians because it gets them favor with God, or strapping a bomb to their bellies because martyrdom brings with it a heavenly orgy with 72 Virginians, women named Virginia, or virgins—whatever---he assures us that this has nothing to do with their religion.  Gee, what, pray tell, does it have to do with?  Getting stood up at the prom?  Why can’t he bring himself to say the obvious—the descendants of Ishmael (not all, but many) hate the descendants of Isaac and what we have is a religious-based war. 

ISIS is not, as John Kerry claims, a small bunch of terrorists.  They are a global force that is growing, not shrinking.  They’ve grown to over 35,000 strong just while Obama was playing Hamlet.  Lulling people into a false sense of security by pretending they aren’t really that big a deal doesn’t make it better, any more than my mother kissing my bruised elbow really made it better.  While some of us see the threat of something apocalyptic, Obama tells us we just need to drop a few more loads of stuff on these guys, while nearby nations handle the ground fighting.   Well, someone forgot to tell those nations, because we’ve already been given a big fat “NO” from Germany, Turkey, the Saudis, and most everyone who’s even bothered to respond.  Even members of Congress who are ready to go after ISIS full-bore are having second thoughts about voting to endorse Obama’s plan because they fear it’s a roadmap to Loser Town.  The great African American preacher Dr. E. V. Hill said that some people think they’re a leader.  But if nobody is following, you’re not leading, you’re just taking a walk.  Mr. President, enjoy your walk.

Obamacare Update

Aug 06 2014

We keep being assured that Obamacare is working – aside from minor glitches like the federal subsidies possibly being unconstitutional. But we’re told more people have health coverage, and everything is sunshine and lollipops now. So why has public approval of Obamacare dropped to an all-time low in the new Kaiser Family Foundation survey? Kaiser found that from June to July, the public’s unfavorable rating for Obamacare leaped 8 points to 53 percent, one of the biggest one-month swings ever, for any issue. And quite a few of those early buyers that were trumpeted by the White House have stopped making payments and dropped their policies. Why?

The New York Times discovered that many Obamacare buyers who are new to health insurance feel bamboozled. They thought they were getting free or less expensive health care. Instead, they’re wading through reams of confusing paperwork, only to find that their payments, deductibles and co-pays are higher than expected. Worse, many doctors won’t take their policies because of the low reimbursement rates. Patients with preexisting conditions who need to see certain doctors are finding they’re only included under the most expensive policies. So they still don’t have access to the doctors they need – the Times calls this “access shock” – plus they now have the added expense of useless insurance. And the price is still rising: it was just predicted that premiums on the Florida exchange will rise over 13 percent next year. So they’re dropping the policies.

It’s all because a problem that should have been narrowly targeted – helping the poor and sick obtain health care – was turned into a giant, federal Rube Goldberg machine. For instance, how many sick people could have been helped with $850 million worth of medical care? Because that’s the latest estimate of the cost just for setting up the Obamacare website – which still won’t be functional until at least 2015. I take back what I said about it being a Rube Goldberg device. Those ridiculously inefficient contraptions might have involved monkeys and cannons and bowling balls, but at least, they worked.