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  • Nancy Beutel

    06/26/2013 12:03 AM

    My 90-yr-old Dad called me in Alaska to urge my surgeon-husband and me to watch the HUCKABEE show on June 23-24 Saturday/Sunday 8pm on Fox News. We have been searching online for your program. Need a way to find the valuable information on the 3 doctors who have found ways to practice medicine despite the heavy federal requirements of managed non-affordable non-healthcare. PLEASE MAKE THESE ALTERNATIVES KNOWN WIDELY to your audience on the internet as I am sure we all need a way forward and our medical system is broken and imperiled. Thank you.

  • Lisa Wallace

    06/24/2013 02:58 PM

    Speaking of colleges forcing our youth to convert to their liberal view: When my son started college at a local school, in about 2003, his professor insisted that if they hadn't registered to vote yet that they needed to fill out the registration (which she passed out) check democrat as their party affiliate and vote democrat. My son didn't know exactly how to handle this situation, altho he did stand up in class and say that he was republican, he ended-up transferring to a different class. This is so common in our college system it is disheartening. I have had 6 kids go through the college system and it is very common to be taught to the liberal principle of the teacher.

  • Arvella Miller

    06/24/2013 02:44 PM

    Immigration - Does the US really need another immigration bill?? Why can't they enforce the current rules on the books? If the current laws aren't/can't be enforced, what would this "new" bill do? Why not penalize the employers who hire illegals so bad, that it would not pay to be caught????!!!! With our high unemployment, I don't think we would have jobs without enough people to fill them. Sure it may not be great to pull weeds or harvest produce - I have done that and I have shoveled manure. A person needs to start somewhere & if you want your "handout", go harvest produce or pull weeds in the fields, people might have incentive to work. Scripture says that all work is honorable, so whether you are scrubbing toilets or shoveling manure or working at a desk, it is honest work. Lastly I heard about the National ID - please talk more about that. It does not sound like a great idea. You are right, why hurry????

  • Arvella Miller

    06/24/2013 02:10 PM

    Regarding Snowden and whether or not he is a hero seems to be a silly question. How about him being a Whistle Blower? Now that the government wants to arrest him, it seems like the government wants to cover up the truth.

  • Ursula Antonik

    06/24/2013 01:39 PM

    I am from Poland of 1981. If Snowden run away from Poland back then and gave the secrets away to USA everybody in Poland would be happy and proclaimed him a hero. Comparing to Poland of 1981 USA "did not even conceptualize SOLIDARITY IDEA!