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  • Christine Youngerman

    06/20/2013 07:23 PM

    We need to initiate a "Chick-Fi-La" movement aimed at the phones,e-mails, & mailboxes of everyone in Congress, the White House, & all news outlets until they realize that we do not want their anti-American agenda. Start with Immigration, IRS, Benghazi, NSA & Obamacare.

  • Darin Hylbert

    06/20/2013 01:37 PM


    I agree with you 150% about the border being secured. This has to be done first. There is only 1 issue that I would like you to address. You were a Governor of Arkansas, which has one of the largest employers of Illegal Workers in the country (Tyson Foods). This is well known. Please explain what you did while in charge of that state to stop that company from employing illegals.