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  • C. Gerald Harbison, Jr

    03/27/2013 08:50 PM

    Governor, what happened to the Fair Tax? I didn't hear one word about it last fall. Thank you

  • Jeffrey Blair Gewertz

    03/27/2013 03:43 PM

    It would be nice to hear you respond to at least one online feedback and not just the phone...1. Marriage among interracial couples was not that long ago - illegal - yet you keep mentioning always had been between a man and a woman. 2. You keep mentioning something about thousands of years - our country is only 200 years old - we made our own laws here - it is by the people for the people - last i heard. 3. You act like polygamy is next - I don't think most people are going to go for that - but you know what - this is america - we make our own laws here - by the people for the people. I would love to hear you mention at least one online feedback since your phones are constantly busy - Have a great day

  • Dana Anderson

    03/27/2013 02:41 PM

    I really appreciate how you cover important topics. I was just made aware of a news story here in Portland that I am wondering whether it is getting coverage. A teacher was removed from his classroom yesterday for apparently opposing Planned Parenthood. He was removed by police. His name is Bill Diss and is a teacher at Benson High School in Portland.

  • Todd wendel

    03/27/2013 01:25 PM

    I find it interesting and also not surprising how the Creator of marriage is never mentioned. How many more issues in life will man seek to remove God from ?