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  • Steven Boyd

    10/17/2013 06:48 PM

    Hello Governor Huckabee. I am a big fan of your show. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a rational voice in the world of media. Conservatives and liberals alike rely on manipulation of their audiences to bolster extreme opinions that are formed mostly around notional data and emotions. Facts, sound data and principles are rarely presented. It seems their goals are solely to nurture contempt for the other side and to garner the attention that feeds their own distorted egos. You are absolutely correct to say that we should stop focusing on processes, methodology and details. Lets focus on results for a change. Perhaps we just watch too closely; 24/7 news coverage leads to micro analysis, manipulation and distortion by the media of every word and phrase uttered by every politician in DC. No individual or enterprise (public, private, social or otherwise) could possibly function effectively under such constant microscopic analysis. Lets turn the cameras off for just a brief while and see if something really newsworthy transpires. Perhaps we might flush out a candidate that would lead from a position formed of principles.

  • m h phillips

    10/17/2013 06:25 PM

    Did anyone wonder how the Federal Govt. got all those signs printed and distributed far and wide, including to all the national parks and cemeteries overseas only eight to ten hours after the government shut down?


    I have worked in the government on and off for 40 years. During that time I became quite familiar with requisitions, bidding, awarding contracts etc. It is a time consuming process with bean-counters and pencil-necked bureaucrats every step of the way.

    The simplest request takes months not days or hours.

    In less than 8 hours of the shutdown, miraculously, professionally printed 3X4 foot signs appeared all over the country in the tens of thousands saying-"Because of the Government Shutdown this [park, facility, etc. with custom logos] closed. There has not been a government shutdown in 17 years so the signs couldn't have been left overs. These signs were designed, specifications were determined, signs were then requisitioned, bids were posted and vetted, government contracts were awarded. The materials were then ordered and the signs manufactured then distributed by U.S. Mail or freight companies.

    This shutdown was orchestrated and planned well in advance at least 6-8 months ago. Millions of tax dollars were appropriated and spent in this process. There is a paper trail a mile long leading directly to the White House.

    Yes indeed, there certainty were a lot of large multicolor signs produced and distributed in a very short period of time

  • sylvester ignowski

    10/17/2013 04:40 PM

    HERE WE GO AGAIN....SAME BULL JUST A DIFFERENT DAY! oh, wait the SHUTDOWN IS OVER!!!! what shutdown ? blocking old vets from a monument...closing fed. parks...etc etc and WHERE did the 300,000 VACATIONED workers WORK ? not ONLY DID WE NOT CUT ANY SPENDING...we added more bills on the books ( payoff maybe?) NOW that makes sense doesn't it?now the KING is saying that the AMERICAN public is fed up. what makes him believe that..he hasn't been run out of town on a rail yet..has he ( hope hope)?(i would think only AMERICANS WOULD KNOW ABOUT THAT) his lordship ALSO already said once this GLITCH is over, his main concern will be IMMIGRATION REFORM. SO WHAT WILL THE COST OF THESE 11,000,000 FREEBEES COST ? how will that fit into the next budget FIASCO come JANUARY( 2 1/2) months from now? in a way the federal government has done a protest against the US CITIZENS....maybe it's time to return the favor? a lot of talk about not voting in any incumbents anymore...personally, my faith in the vote and the bull the persons seeking election say they will do has gone to almost zero!

  • Edward Overy

    10/17/2013 12:00 PM

    Mike, you need to learn the true fact why republicans have a 75% disapproval ratings, and it stay about that rate most of the time. In simple numbers, 50% disapproval automatic from democrats, The other 50% is split between the tea parties and not tea parties. The tea partiers give the non tea partiers a disapproval, and the the non-tea partiers give the tea parties a disapproval. There for the republicans, for now, will only achieve around a 75% approval ratings. Quite joining in with the main stream media on there reasoning, and get to the true reason and brace it.

    You know there is a split in the party and you need to explain this to everyone so the MSM explanation will not become the reasoning of everyone.

    Please clean this up.