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  • Raymond Mallery

    07/31/2013 11:18 PM

    Brother Mike, Oops, got the wrong city.I should have said San Diego, sorry. My opinion still stands. Thank you.

  • Raymond Mallery

    07/30/2013 11:23 PM

    Brother Mike, I listen to your show on KOFI in Kalispell, Mt and have called in on several occasions and really enjoy getting to talk with you. I am right down the line with you on your biblical world view and political stand but I have to take issue with you on your Anthony Weiner parody. I, in no way defend what he did but, for you to use all of those sexual innuendos and course locker room lingo, I believe is over the edge. If some man were to use that kind of language around my wife or daughters I would be furious and if it were in the work place it would be borderline harassment. I know it could have been a lot worse but I think it was bad enough. In some ways you are no different than the mayor of San Francisco. I wish this were a phone conversation so you could hear that the tone of may voice is not anger but concern for a brother in Christ. For His Glory, Ray Mallery

  • Ed Brady

    07/30/2013 08:36 PM

    Mike, I pray daily that Americans see who Obama 'really' is, not who he pretends to be. Bible verse Mark 4:22 “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.” (This applies to Benghazi, as well.) Ed

  • Marilyn R. Solari

    07/30/2013 06:12 PM

    I learn much more from your show than I do from all the TV news networks available! Your common sense approach is very much appreciated in a country where our government seems to employ so few who have common sense! Thanks, Mike!

  • Candace Stewart

    07/30/2013 01:25 PM

    Greetings, Mike. I just listened to yous and a gentleman discussing the hypocrisy of laws being passed. How about the hypocrisy of abortion in general.
    1-It is my understanding that (scientifically and spiritually) supports the fact that life begins at conception. It is a human baby.
    2-The purpose of abortion is to kill the baby.
    3-The real hypocrisy of abortion at 1 day, 6 weeks, 6 months, at term while still in the womb.
    I'm just using general numbers, that have all been used to justify killing the baby, you get the drift.
    So, how is what Kermit Gosnell did so wrong? The baby's dead, right? How can it be any different? Because it's cleaner and neater, and more impersonal while the baby is still growing under the Mother's heart? Shame on our entire society for embracing, glorifying and promoting abortion. Yes we are. And you have jumped on the bandwagon with your position of 20 weeks or 6 weeks or whatever stage you support. Heartbreaking. To to say abortion is okay, righteous and good at any point in the game chills me to the core. And people wonder at the lack of respect for life exhibited by especially our young, but now pervasive in American society. Because it's "legal". May God have mercy. Mercy on the babies and the mothers (women) who are charged with the most sacred of abilities that God has bestowed upon the human race. Conceiving, nurturing and birthing human life. I carry a constant knot in my stomach for the human condition.
    Peace be with you,
    Candace Stewart