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  • Ben Thomas

    07/01/2013 09:30 PM

    Mr Huckabee,
    I think Jesus wept when Jews were sent to the gas chamber in World War II. I think Jesus Wept at Rwandan Genocide, I think Jesus weeps at Man's daily inhumanity to Man,
    I think Jesus Weeps when 26 innocents are slaughtered in a Ct. School. And I think Jesus wept this week when those 19 firefighters died on that mountain in Arizona.
    But When a discriminatory law gets ruled as such by a court. I have a hard time believing Jesus eyes even get slightly misty.
    just one other thought. It seems to me that SCOTUS re-affirmed that while we may be predominately a "christian nation." We are NOT a theocracy.
    And by the way, for a guy who claims he's not a homophobe, your Rhetoric sure makes you sound like one.

  • Gary Gourley

    07/01/2013 02:12 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, I too have had the IRS take out 26,000 usd from a checking account without my permission or forwarning. I had been hurt onthe job and received a disability with an agreement to gradually pull the disability back as i began to return to work regaining my full salary. Before I reached full salary, they claim they overpaid me and took money out of my checking. Since the checking accoutn couldnt cover this amount, they went to another accoutn with the same SSN, same bank and withdrew about 92% of my savings. I inquired in writing and many phone calls in which they told me in each respns that it was a "computer glinch". This is there excuse these days. There are reasons and there are excuses. They never give us a reason, it is always an excuse. I followed up with a FOIA request both via email and with a certified letter. I never received the certificate receipt back, the post office has no idea why i never go the card back. Their records show it was received at the IRS building, but a card was not returned. A deeper follow-up,they claim a FOIA was never received.

    In another unrelated case, involving a lady who is friends of my wife, worked for a state program helping and monitoring aid to unwed young mothers many who are illegal immigrants, with finacial support, milk, clothing, car seats, etc. The income to run the program was basically State and Federal Grant money. The head of the program used money for other things and was supposed to pay Federal tax on portions of the income. Our friend was given authority by the program to deposit and withdraw money from the programs bank account. Coincidently,the account was at the same bank seh used for her personal choice. When taxes were not paid by the head of the program, the IRS went to collect the money from the program's account. It was deficient, but since her personal SSN was related to the program's account the IRS took over 90% of her personal savings, wiped her out! The head of the program is on the hook to cough up the taxes owed to the IRS. From what I understand, she is requesting and receiving Grant money award from the State (New MExico) and using it to pay off the debt to the IRS.

  • Lilliam Mas

    06/30/2013 10:16 PM

    As a naturalized US citizen of this wonderful country who waited patiently to come legally. I'm very concerned of the type of immigration law that we're about to pass. I have yet to hear the words THANK YOU from any of the illegals but I hear a lot of demands for rights they don't have. We're caving into the wrong law of no return and a lot of complications for the future of our country. We are rewarding 11 millions and not waiting to close the borders 100%! What a mistake for our future. We have NO respect here or outside our country. The more we give, the more people expect hard working americans to give them. Why are we accepting this law? I pray that our House of Rep. will have more common sense and vote for something better. Thank you and God bless you.

  • June Moore

    06/30/2013 09:36 PM

    Please have Paula Deen on your show.

  • joan george

    06/30/2013 01:03 AM

    I didn't enjoy the long segment with your guest Ellie --- he had too much air time to rant on about his pro-Obama, liberal, leftist agenda. He's arrogant and obnoxious and a small dose of him is all I could take -so had to mute the volume. I understand the need for both opinions -left and right -but this guy is over-the-top despicable. Had to keep muting the volume to avoid hearing his voice.