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  • rishi k saxena

    09/30/2013 09:38 PM

    Dear Mike This is largest welfare program and is going to bankrupt our country.Most of people(70%) will like it because it will provide free or subsidized health care to them.

  • rishi k saxena

    09/30/2013 09:33 PM

    Dear Mike ,Like your show.This is time for republican to stay strong and defund obamacare.This is the largest welfare program and bankrupt the country.Once it is implemented,70% of people will like it since they will be getting free or subsidized healthcare.Dr Saxena

  • Rishi k Saxena

    09/30/2013 06:59 PM

    Dear Mike, We have to stand firm and defund obamacare because this is the biggest welfare program and is going to bankrupt country.70% of people are going to like it because they are getting free or subsidized healthcare.Dr Saxena

  • arr livingston

    09/30/2013 05:46 PM

    Hey Mike we are with you , we agree with what you are saying and that oboma care will fall on it own. BUT
    It is sort of like allowing your kids to walk on broken glass to teach then to wear shoes next time.
    Surely we can do better- we shall see.
    Join the truckers when they go to DC. It is going to take an uprising by the people to put this right.

  • sylvester ignowski

    09/30/2013 04:56 PM

    as the bud light commercial said " HERE WE GO AGAIN " !! getting down to the wire -time, you know...time to start threatening the soldiers and seniors! the golden oldies can't do much ,BUT, i wonder if our great men and women of the armed services ever thought about calling OBOZO'S AND THE OTHER POLITICIAN HYPOCRITES bluff and threaten to walk off their jobs ? drop the weapons get the AIR FORCE to bring in planes and choppers and fly everyone HOME ! i always heard there were two sides to every story !