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  • Joe Sheeley

    04/04/2013 06:35 PM

    Govenor, I think you missed the boat on your comment of finding someone who wanted a job and you'd get them plucking chickens the next morning. If you look at the number of able-bodied people on permanent welfare and the number illegal aliens, the numbers almost match exactly. If the government would stop providing a prepaid debit card for warming a couch and instead only provided leads to job, there would be a lot more legal applicants to be chicken pluckers. There would also be less idle time, and therefore less vandalism, drug dealing, shootings, and abortions.

  • Josh Schwartz

    04/04/2013 12:08 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, I have always enjoyed you radio show and have a good deal of respect for your opinion. Up till yesterday my only compliant would have been I think you throw softballs to your guess to much... you give them the answer you want them to give in your question. If we were in court I would call it "Leading the witness". Not a big deal, but I think it weakens your argument a bit your guess response as well. But yesterday on your radio show I was very disappointed to hear you give such rave reviews on Jay Leno. I do not question how nice he is or if he is a great man, but he is a potty mouth. His humor is focus most always around the naughty. He can't have a guess on without taking there every little chance he gets. I don't see him as funny... dirty college humor is a dime a dozen. True humor does not have to rely on the naughty jokes. I was simply surprised and disappointed that you would whole heartedly come out and support him as you did. Saying nice things about who he is and how kind of guy he is would be no problem... if he is he deserves the accolades. But I sure would have separated myself from his dirty humor and I wish you would have too! Thanks for your time.

  • Todd Cranick

    04/03/2013 08:58 PM

    Ok i have never done this before . but would like to say loved the show today. the gun part was what i really took to. the right to keep and bare arms . the british guy you where talking about needs to go back or shut up and sit down. i tryed calling about ten times but could not get thru. every one should be allowed to own what they want it is are right and you sir are right i would like to add people need to watch agenda it will put it all in place for a lot of folks . also would like to add i would and sevral others would love to see you sir run for presadent. hope all is well and you have a wonderful week .

  • Jerry Pow

    04/03/2013 05:00 PM

    Could I get the imfo on California and what they would still owe if they sold everything they have. Where was the report you spoke of.


  • Donald Brink

    04/03/2013 02:57 PM

    I believe what is missing in the discussion today is a better explanation of the issues. For example regarding the debt, don't just say "we don't want become Greece". I may have an idea what that means, but I suggest that Republicans be specific. If the US government went bankrupt, I think that would mean that the country would be like Stockton, California. The loans to the government would not be paid back, social security would be reduced, etc. That would result in chaos in the economy with major unemployment in both the government and private companys. What is it that is really happening to the common people in Greece and Cyprus?