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  • Rose Cagle

    08/27/2013 10:51 AM

    I am just a country girl and I have been trying to wrap my head around 17 trillion dollars. Scientists estimate there are around 500 billion stars in our galaxy (not including planets). That would put our the size of 34 galaxies our size. I think the speed of light is about 6 trillion miles per year. If we laid out our debt in dollar bills it would reach almost 3 light years. Blows the mind!

  • Robert Milam

    08/26/2013 02:17 PM

    Why can't the American people have a retrial with the Supreme Court regarding Obamacare? I can only imagine that the courts as well as the American people have learned a great deal more about this Act in the past year; which should make it easy for the "7" to understand why this is not a TAX.

    Thank you, Rob - Alabama

  • William Hulse

    08/26/2013 01:29 PM

    It's hard to find a way into your show on email, and I don't do facebook or tweet.

    I like your show and listen nearly every day.

    Today, Aug 26, you had a gentleman who sounded like he was probably about my age. He was saying that we should stop funding Egypt and funnel this money into medical research like cancer and other major diseases. I agree with the Egypt part but it would be fantasy to believe putting much more into medical research. Big Pharma and the AMA would never allow a cure to cancer or any other of their mega profit diseases. The old gent was thinking back in the era of Jonas Salk, and that time no longer exists. If Jonas Salk was inventing his polio cure today, the big medicos would give him a billion or two dollars, buy out his patent, and never would it see the light of day again. These diseases are profitable to big pharma, doctors, research scientists, and a wealth of salesmen; to come up with a cure would be disastrous to this country; it is much more profitable to sell to and service the poor folks who get these diseases. They just continue to milk the patients into bankruptcy and let them die, then drive away in their new Rolls or Ferrari. The wonderful medical system we have here managed to treat a stage zero breast cancer and give my wife leukemia from the heavy radiation. They milked her for all they could in her last five years, and then she died. In hind sight, we should have just left the stage zero lump alone and watched it; it may never have turned into a cancer and she might still be alive today. I have a degree in physics, I know how radiation works on the cells, and I should have known better than to let her enter treatment, but being a nurse she was scared to not be treated. I hate to bust his bubble, but that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it; you and the old gent can dream on about cures if you want to, but there will never be a cure for highly profitable diseases in this country.

  • Dr. Frederick Lowe

    08/26/2013 12:54 PM

    From my experience, you are all wet in your comments. I work in Kaiser Permanente.
    You talk about the health care industry as if it were one uniform system. It is not.
    It would only benefit our system if we could cure a disease. Yet, even when it is our financial advantage to cure we cannot. We still do cure many infectious diseases. But so many of our illnesses are from lifestyle - how is a doctor or health care system supposed to "cure" that? We have great health education courses, but changing people's lifestyles are not often curable (though stomach bypass surgeries have helped some). We advocate for healthy lifestyles, and have some success in tobacco cessation and moderate alcohol use, but we can't force that.
    You talk about not trying to cure: What about smallpox and polio vaccinations, cataract surgeries, hip replacements.
    You talk about lack of prevention - What about vaccinations for prevention - which too many people reject. (Hemophilus influenzae vaccinations have virtually eliminated that cause of infant meningitis) What about our cancer screening tests - which people don't want to use. But colorectal cancer screening has greatly increased the finding of colon cancer at an early, curable stage. What about our great well-baby system, which includes teaching home safety?

    We would love to cure hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, cancer, alzheimer's disease, liver failure and renal failure. Some research is promising.

    it is not unusual to have patients who have survived 2 cancers. It is not unusual to have people with an accumulated problem list of 5-6 chronic illnesses - that can't be cured - and still living fairly well.

    OUr higher cost of care in this country is not because of lack of cure - no one else in the world is curing these chronic diseases. (Well, for people who are willing to change their lifestyle, there are cures.)
    But it is to some extent the provision of futile care. Doing things that in other countries would just not be allowed, is too often demanded by patients or families. My latest is the demand to place a patient on a ventilator, who was dying of metastatic breast cancer. Only after 4 days of expensive, futile care did the family allow the patient to finally rest from her terminal illness.
    But please don't say that we don't try to cure because we want to make money from "treatment." For Kaiser Permanente it just isn't true. We "lose" money by not
    "curing" or preventing. We try our best, but as people are living longer, the accumulation of chronic illness grows, and the cost of treatment increases.

  • Jo Holland

    08/26/2013 11:09 AM

    Mike...when are YOU and all the other moral, logical, conservatives going to realize that Obama doesn't give a "rodent's derriere" about Health Care? It's all about CONTROL. He wants a one payer system that will put everyone and everything under the good old government's care!!!
    He doesn't want solutions and all he does is LIE and DECEIVE. He has appointed a number of Muslim Brotherhood men in important positions which makes me doubt that he is even a Christian! You know about taqyiaa, right? It allows a Muslim to do or say anything in order to accomplish their goals.
    Christ warned us over and over to NOT be deceived. And HE wasn't just talking about spiritual things.

    God Bless you MIke for speaking out. Let's hope millions will wake up and start taking action to get our nation back.

    Shalom! JoJean