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  • Pat Hebert

    07/15/2013 08:48 AM

    Hi Mike, I'm impressed with your honesty and calm demeanor. I'm 72 years old and never in my entire life have I seen a president that is so focused on dividing our country. In my opinion this person is bought and paid for by a very powerful person or group that wants to bring our country to it's knees, just my opinion.

  • rannie dean

    07/14/2013 09:04 PM

    The Zimmerman Martin is at least sad. However why is it that a non black killing a black is such a big deal when hundreds of times a year a black person kills a black kid in Chicago or Washington dc and it doesn't get national attention?

    does that mean it is okay for hundreds of blacks to kill black kids but it isn't okay for one non black to do it?

    that is sick.

  • judith lewis

    07/14/2013 09:00 PM

    I thought it was an open and closed case based on both of there phone conversations. which was moments before the murder. Zimmermon was on the phone with police while running to find Travon witch means Zimmermon was the agressor! Travon was on the phone with his female friend thinking that he had lost Zimmermon who was chaseing him,when he poped up behind him.Zimermon chased Travon down with a gun and killed him and got off. I find it disgusting and believe that anyone being followed and confronted in that manor would have felt threatened and try to defend themselves by any means because you dont know what his intensions chaseing you down. (can't be good)I've lost all faith in the judicial system there are truck loads of our youths in jail right now for minor driving offences serving 70 days and counting not knowing when they will be released can't evan get a court date and a known murderer gets to go free!SAD SAD! SAD!!Whats next slavery? we are very close!We all better get an uncle to be a sheriff,as they say it's not what you know but who you know!

  • Pastor R.J.

    07/14/2013 08:50 PM

    I really am sorry for the Martin family but they have had their trial and it's a shame they did not go o a grand Jury instead of firing the people who were in charge of the investigation & the prosecutor and went over their heads and lied aout the case to get favor with Obama who got himself involved and tryed every which way to get a conviction for the state of Florida by using lies that came from the very mouth of Mrs Cory who was in other peoples pocket and charged ahead to convict at any expense or to the harm of any inocents that were involved her way was to just keep charging ahead & firing anyone who got in her way. I pray we don't find out our president had any thing to do with this. But I feel he was involved when he opened his mouth to say mr Martin would be like a son of his if he had one. She even hoes after Mr Horowitz to try and get him in trouble in some way thank you for your presepsion on this issue as you are the only one wowould bring these things to our attention. We need you to be president as we are suppose to bea god fearing country but we have a satanic oliltion of evil doers who need to not be leading our country. It a shameful thing to have these people ruining our country like it is and leaving God out of our in God we trust Goverment. Pastor R.J. Florida

  • Ronald L. Cook

    07/14/2013 08:31 PM

    Editorial written to the Jacksonville Times Union in Jacksonville Florida 32250

    The Martin and Zimmerman trial:

    Obama is like a black poker beside a blazing fire place, he keeps sticking that poker in the fire to see what sparks he can generate and to cause an unsettling cohesion among the American public. His cohorts are Jesse Jackson, who acts like a pair of tongs , picking out of the fire the items that aren't burning fast enough. Then comes Al Sharpton, acting like a shovel, spreading the fuel around. Race tension in this country will never be resolve as long as we have people like this who continue to feed racial fuel to the fire, and spreading the fuel about.

    The people who continue to listen to untruths and innuendos will never let there be a cohesiveness among the people. We will never take the time to understand that we are all one and are all Americans, not Afro-Americans, Italian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Indian-Americans, White-Americans and all those other hyphens that divide us as one.

    When and where do we start? We start right now and in every corner of the world! Do your part by reaching out to one another Americans and make the peace. The verdict is in, as it was with the OJ Simpson, so let the anger go and meet half way to mend American.

    Ronald L. Cook

    Jacksonville Beach, FL32250