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  • Carver C. Siewert

    09/24/2013 07:02 AM

    Dear Governor,
    Both as a conservative and a person of faith, I greatly enjoy and appreciate your commentary and listen, watch or read whenever I can. Having said that, I was a bit shocked at your critique of the "Defund" efforts coming through Congress. I think, in the name of strategy and tactics, you overlooked two moral high-grounds that the effort has to stand on. 1 - They are elected officials, in place to represent the desires of their constituents, not the ambitions of the GOP in future elections, and their constituents want Obamacare done away with. 2 - They firmly believe that this legislation is destructive, economically, socially, Constitutionally and otherwise. I hope (and assume) that you would agree that a person has a moral obligation to speak out against fundamental wrongdoing without thought of rebuke, retaliation or ridicule. I ultimately agree with your conclusion and preferred course of action, but I think you could spend a little time commending these men for taking the tough road and a little less criticizing them because of future political posturing.

    Carver Clay Siewert

  • John Guerrero

    09/23/2013 09:56 PM


    When Social Security Insurance was passed, it endured similar objections that ObamaCare did. It was challenged as Unconstitutional, but like ObamaCare, it was deemed a 'Tax'..even though it was sold as 'insurance'. In fact, the 'I' in 'SSI' stands for insurance. Once passed, many 'navigators' were dispatched to sign up as many seniors as possible, as quickly as possible. It soon became so prevalent that no one, including Conservatives, would dare oppose it. The same is happening with ObamaCare.

    Governor, waiting until the 2014, then passing legislation in 2015 is very late. Companies are laying off workers, reducing hours, eliminating healthcare (in favor of exchanges) now. 2015 is eternity....

    The fight is now...

  • David Melick

    09/23/2013 09:04 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I listen to your show and enjoy it very much. However, I think you are wrong about not taking a stand on Obamacare but rather take a stand on the budget. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost or in some way had their jobs affected by Obamacare. It is time for someone in the government to stand up for the People. Maybe they wont win maybe their stand will show America that the republicans do care about them. There has never been a Gov. program that, once in place, has been done away with. If we wait it will be too late.
    THE BUDGET? Haven't we already tried to fight this battle? Many times. Sequestration is a result of a fight on the budget, and it is blamed on the republicans. If we pass on this we may as well elect McCain and Graham as the republican leaders and continue as second class democrats.

  • Steve Mordecai

    09/23/2013 06:53 PM

    Your approach to the Conservatives attempt to "defund" obamacare(OC) is not helping. My understanding is that Obama has granted delays to certain groups in implementing OC. The House bill would grant a one year delay to all. So, if the Senate/Pres. refuse to sign the house bill and shut down the government over a simple request to delay implementation of OC then the blame is theirs. Selling the approach is where the House is falling flat and you are't helping. Where in the constitution does the President have the power to enforce the law on just those who support him?

  • Carolyn Ratliff

    09/23/2013 04:55 PM

    I disagree with you that if we don't rock the boat now, we will have a winning campaign issue later. That's conventional wisdom but this is a new day. We had a sure-win (said Rove) with the bad economy, but that broke all precedents.
    Unusual times call for unusual measures. We have no guarantee of winning the next elections the way things are now. We face insurmountable odds with Wash. power base + msm + Hollywood. The only dynamic we have NOW is a conservative groundswell.