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  • Debra Taylor

    10/27/2013 08:57 PM

    I know the cure for bullying! Raise Christian children. Before we became pregnant we decided to have children for the purpose of increasing the number of Christians and christian homes. My 2 adult children are raising 7 more for the same reason, to affect this world for the kingdom of God. We are not fanatics that "beat" religion into our children. We raised them to know they were
    responsible to God, they answer to and love God. There is the cure! Next problem... same answer.

  • billy lewis

    10/27/2013 11:24 AM

    Does anyone beside myself see a pattern in the Obama administration? Everything he has done since he took office has been a failure for the taxpayers. Is this deliberate? Nostradamus said we would be taken down from within.

  • Charles Holleran

    10/27/2013 03:35 AM

    Why does the politicians always say that this or that poll says that a certain % believes their way is an accurate poll? I have NEVER been asked about any issue in this government and yet they act as though they are speaking for me. I think that if they would ask more of people like me their polls would be very different than they are.

  • Charles Holleran

    10/27/2013 03:29 AM

    Has anyone ask the question whether or not Obama's Obamacare going to go after every homeless man, and woman to get their $95.00 for not getting insurance? Also does the IRS go after those same homeless people to collect back taxes or for not filing their taxes?
    Ret. Army SSG Charles Holleran

  • Herb Martin

    10/26/2013 07:48 AM

    Governor, I like you a great deal and voted for you each time you ran for office. I never vote for Democrats because they always stick it to the Producers..

    I am taken back by your comments yesterday that were quoted over and over again yesterday about several organizations including Heritage...having signaled disgust with a number of Republican Senators who have criticized conservative republicans in the house as well as their own colleagues in the Senate.

    Do you not think that the GOP leadership has targeted some of these conservative republicans. I believe they have. Were it not for these weasels in the Senate who will not stand for what the people want their leaders to do with respect to Obamacare, we might not have this travesty in place.