As expected, President Trump announced that he is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Before the announcement was even made, reaction on the left (and among various corporations that were no doubt salivating over the potential to profit from it) was so overheated that it contributed more to global warming than CO2 does. Trump left the possibility open to crafting a new deal that wouldn’t be as expensive to the US and as destructive to our economy and sovereignty. Refreshingly, he said that as President, his obligation is to the American people. And he did what I was hoping he would do: he used the podium to explain in detail to the American people what the Paris deal actually requires, rather than just the rainbows, lollipops and unicorns its defenders usually sell us.

He listed the predictions of exactly how much damage would be done to various US industries by complying with the current accord, how many US jobs it would destroy or export, and how much it would empty Americans’ bank accounts, all while imposing no meaningful obligations on the worst polluters, such as China and India. He said it would export US jobs to nations that don’t have to comply, and was less about protecting the environment than about putting the US at a severe economic disadvantage. He called it a “massive redistribution of wealth to other nations” (no wonder the Obama Administration loved it.)

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He added that even if every nation held to its obligations, and all the dubious scientific claims of its defenders were accurate, its own proponents admit it would result in a temperature reduction of only 0.2 degrees C. by the end of the century. To see what that represents, go to your home’s thermostat and turn down the temperature by 0.2 degrees C. Oh wait, you can’t. Even the most advanced air conditioning system doesn’t measure a temperature change that microscopic. Compare that result to what could be accomplished with the same trillions of dollars if they were put toward eradicating hunger or disease or providing clean, safe water to people in Third World nations.

At the end, Trump said if the obstructionists really think this is so important, then he invited them to stop obstructing and join him in negotiating a new climate agreement that’s actually effective at cleaning up the environment and doesn’t put America at a debilitating disadvantage.

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It was a terrific speech, featuring hard realities about climate dogma that have desperately needed to be said for a long, long time. I would only add that before European leaders start piously lecturing the US about our environmental sins, let it be noted that our environment is getting cleaner as we improve efficiency and encourage fracking, natural gas and clean coal. Europe is where clean, safe nuclear power plants that don’t generate CO2 are being shut down by leftist leaders for no reason other than irrational fear-mongering from environmentalists. Talk about science deniers!