I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend when we traditionally say goodbye to summer didn’t give us the chance to say so long to all the bad news of summer. Instead, the bad news on the Gulf Coast lingered on, and in the case of North Korea, just kept getting worse.

Over the weekend, North Korea triggered two earthquakes with what’s believed to be a successful test of a hydrogen bomb, and South Korea believes that rogue nation is planning more missile tests. The idea of Kim Jong Un having thermonuclear warheads and ICBMs that can deliver them as far away as the US mainland may have suddenly gone from a future hypothetical to a clear and present danger.

President Trump is being criticized for his blunt military threat response (even citing our own nuclear capability) instead of calling for more diplomacy, but one wonders just how many nukes will have to land in California before the left finally realizes that Kim Jong Un considers diplomatic talks to be nothing more than extra time to hone his nuclear missile technology even further. Frankly, I don’t want to hear any more arrogant condescension from Ivy League blowhards whose “smart diplomacy” allowed North Korea (and now Iran) to have nuclear reactors in the first place.

Trump finds himself, along with the rest of the world, having inherited an incredibly dangerous situation that’s not of his making. Maybe it’s time for those who made it to show a little diplomacy by buttoning their lips and letting the people who know how to neutralize military threats suggest a response.