No, Trump didn’t compare Robert E. Lee to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He said that the same leftists who are trying to obliterate Lee and other Confederates from history would next go after Washington and Jefferson and other founders because they were slave owners. And he was indisputably correct: just one day before, the Rev. Al Sharpton was on PBS’s “Charlie Rose Show,” demanding that the Jefferson Memorial be torn down because it offends him.

There’s also been a demand to sandblast the Stone Mountain carving of Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson in Georgia. But why stop there? We already know that Jefferson should be obliterated, according to Al Sharpton. And Washington owned slaves, too. Lincoln freed the slaves but said some racist things in personal letters and didn’t want to put the Civil War in the past. That proves he doesn’t live up to the current moral standards of the left (indeed, the Lincoln Memorial was defaced with graffiti this week). And even though he has been praised as a role model by no less than Hillary Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt was the subject of demands from leftists that his statue be removed from the American Museum of Natural History because he was a racist.

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Okay, let’s take roll: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt. That’s it: we have to blow up Mount Rushmore!

America needs to come to its senses fast, stand up to this insanity, and tell the PC Taliban that you can’t change the past by destroying art and monuments. Indeed, you can only learn from the past by remembering it. Maybe this story will shock the vandals into realizing that being a leftist full of rage doesn’t give you a get-out-of-jail free card:

This week, footage of angry students pulling down, stomping and spitting on a Confederate soldier statue that looked like something out of Afghanistan went viral. I’m sure the participants were very proud of themselves. But that video record may prove, to use one of their favorite terms, “problematic.” Durham police say they didn’t intervene because of the potential for injuries during a confrontation, but the vandals will face felony charges. It’s already started with a North Carolina Central University student being charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors. Her attorney could argue that she was just rebelling because she disagreed with the policies of the government, but that’s the same rationale the Confederacy used.

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It’s too bad that we have a small slice of the young generation that was taught that their emotions trump reality (they can change the weather, they can change their genders, they can ignore the results of elections, they can change history by destroying statues), and that rules don’t apply to them if they feel offended. But we can either disabuse them of those toxic beliefs now, or we can invest in TNT and jackhammer company stocks as we let them obliterate America’s entire history until we’re left with nothing but Bernie Sanders posters.

The only upside: the PBS “Civil War” miniseries will be much faster to watch once Ken Burns cuts all the letters from Confederate soldiers out of it.