Law Professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is the latest legal expert to call on special counsel Robert Mueller to resign in accordance with federal regulations requiring the disqualification of special counsels with serious conflicts of interest.

Mueller continues to refuse to acknowledge that his impartiality has been fatally compromised by his close relationship to his lead witness James Comey. President Trump could fire Mueller, but as Prof. Reynolds notes, that would spark a predictable firestorm of outrage from the media. So Reynolds offers a third alternative: the Attorney General could appoint a second special counsel to take over the obstruction of justice investigation, the area where Mueller is compromised.

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While that might solve the technical legal issue, I can’t help thinking that it would be the perfect illustration of what’s wrong with Washington in 2017. We already have one special prosecutor wasting millions of taxpayer dollars investigating nonexistent Russia collusion and obstruction of justice. How could we improve on that? How about with two special counsels wasting twice as much taxpayer money investigating one nonexistent scandal apiece?

It seems that special counsels are like amoeba: cut one in half, and you just end up with two of them.