President Trump’s surreal press conference yesterday was like watching a scene from a gladiator movie. The press seemed to think its role was to jeer and turn thumbs down, while Trump waved his sword and defied their demands for his head. Yesterday’s top outrage was Trump’s explanation that he didn’t immediately make a specific attack on the white supremacist protesters on Sunday because he didn’t yet have accurate information about what had happened and wanted to wait until he got the story right. Naturally, the press wasn’t buying that; if they waited until they got the story right, there’d be hardly any coverage of Trump at all.

It was also interesting to see how many liberals on social media slammed Trump by saying that he often tweets before he has all the facts. And they slam him for that, too. So now, on a subject this important, they want him to do the thing they routinely slam him for?

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He did single out the white supremacists for special denunciation at the press conference, which is as it should be. They are absolutely vile. The idea of elevating one race over another is an affront to God. But he stuck to his assertion that there was bad behavior on the other side as well. Even media accounts that lambasted Trump admitted deep into their stories the inconvenient truth that the Antifa protesters did show up with weapons to disrupt a permitted protest.

If you want to see a great example of how a story can be slanted by a headline, try this:

“Trump Doubles Down on Blaming 'Both Sides' of Charlottesville Riot, Compares Lee to Washington and Jefferson”