Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real mental condition that leads even people in responsible positions to make complete jackasses of themselves in public. In its advanced stages, it causes sufferers to become immune even to the deep pull of national unity in the face of a catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey. Even as thousands of people sit in shelters, having lost all they own, and as Texas officials praise the Trump Administration for its unprecedentedly swift and efficient relief efforts, we see TDS-afflicted people who just can’t stop attacking Trump and his family.

The Lilliputian onslaught ranges from blasting Trump for allegedly not showing enough empathy as he speaks of his efforts to help from the scene (they defended Obama when he showed his deep human empathy by continuing his golf vacation during deadly Louisiana flooding) or, in a moment that must be forever etched in the Petty Idiocy Hall of Fame, attacking Melania for wearing high heels when she got on Air Force One to fly to Texas. For the record, she had on sneakers when they landed. Yes, TDS is so debilitating to the brain, it actually makes you incapable of realizing that First Ladies can change their shoes on Air Force One.

The very idea that anyone would be trying to divide Americans and undermine confidence in leaders during a major humanitarian crisis for cheap political advantage is appalling. Or as the President would say: “Sad.”