I predicted last week that before President Trump had even finished his speech pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, the reaction from the left would be so overheated, it would warm the Earth more than all the CO2 ever generated by humans.

And so it has. Some of the more over-the-top reactions, of course, have come from Hollywood, Silicon Valley and other leftist enclaves. The mayor of Pittsburgh rebuked Trump for saying he was elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris, by announcing that he’ll make Pittsburgh abide by the Paris CO2 restrictions. So there you go, Pittsburgh voters, you now know who your mayor prefers to represent. As for the Hollywood crowd, the rest of us will believe your hearts sincerely bleed for Mother Gaia when you give up your multiple mansions, stop flying around the world on private jets and stop sailing to environmental conferences at five-star resorts on massive rented yachts. There’s this thing now called Skype; look into it. And if you must attend in person, rent a rowboat and ask some supermodels to help paddle. Let me know how that works out.

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As for the European leaders who are acting like Margaret Dumont in a Marx Brothers movie, dropping their lorgnettes and huffing, “Well, I never!”: Trump invited them to meet with him to forge a new deal that does as much or more to protect the environment but doesn’t harm the US economy and destroy or export our jobs to other nations that don’t have to abide by pollution restrictions. Their response: “Never!” This deal cannot be renegotiated!

So let me get this straight: You sincerely believe that the US pulling out will bring about environmental Armageddon, but you refuse to do anything to help prevent that if it means meeting with President Trump? Gee, it sounds as if you’re more concerned with virtue signaling to your leftist supporters that you hate Trump than you are with saving the world. If you have any other explanation for your reaction, we’d all love to hear it. Please hurry, though, because as you’ve made very clear, the world is going to end soon.