Before we let the left’s collective meltdown destroy the polar ice caps, let’s remember that we’ve heard this hysteria before. Every time a Republican President backs out of a terrible deal or treaty negotiated by a Democratic predecessor, the left and the media behave as if the world is coming to an end.

The closest example to Trump dumping the Paris deal came in 2001, when George W. Bush pulled America out of the Kyoto Protocol, which was arguably worse than the Paris deal because its CO2 emission restrictions were actually binding. Bush said he believed the free market would be more effective at reducing CO2 than restrictive government. European leaders, the left and the media assailed him as a crazy, corporate-controlled maniac who was going to “DESTROY THE WORLD!!” (Trademark registered.)

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Actual result: thanks to the free market, fracking was invented, producing abundant clean natural gas, which has reducing CO2 emissions in the US by about twice the levels required by the Kyoto Protocol. And all while expanding the US economy, not hamstringing it. So when you hear the leftist leaders' howls of outrage over what Trump just did and the claim that he’s going to “DESTROY THE WORLD!!” remember that we’ve heard it before and the world is still here. And for some fathomable reason, so are they.