I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention Kathy Griffin again, since she feeds off of attention like bottom-feeder fish suck up algae. And how could I possibly mock her histrionic press conference in a way that would be worse than its own self-mockery? (The Trump family “bullied” her by getting upset when she posed for a photo holding up a mock, bloody, severed head of the President; people wouldn’t be criticizing her if she were a man – wow, she really has learned a lot from Hillary; it’s an outrage that she’s had to endure nasty Internet comments – Hello! You’re KATHY GRIFFIN! Mean, nasty personal comments about celebrities are what paid for your mansion in Bel Air.)

Don’t believe for a second that this has really harmed her career. A few shows are being canceled now, but this is just political kabuki theater. It took her all of 24 hours to go from contrite apologies to playing the victim, and within a few weeks at most, her hardcore liberal fans who are equally “broken” by Trump Derangement Syndrome will be lining up to buy tickets to show their support for their martyred heroine. The cynical and tasteless stunt will have worked, at least for her. If she really cared about politics and the direction of America, she would have considered that she was handing Republicans a perfect tool on a silver platter to illustrate to voters why today’s emotionally unhinged liberals can’t be trusted with government power, or even sharp objects. And the GOP is already starting to use that tool.